Academic Writing

10. After spending a week on @IndigenousXca, I wrote a commentary on Métis issues on Twitter for aboriginal policy studies.

9. My Book Review on the edited collection Riel’s Defence: Perspectives on His Speeches was published in the December 2015 issue of the Canadian Journal of Native Studies.

8. I contributed a chapter, “Researching the Resurgence: Insurgent Research and Community-Engaged Methodologies in Twenty-First Century Academic Inquiry,” to the second edition of Research as Resistance: Critical, Indigenous, and Anti-Opressive Approaches in September 2015.

7.  I wrote a Book Review of the new edited collection from Christopher Adams, Gregg Dahl, and Ian Peach, entitled “Métis in Canada: History, Identity, Law & Politics. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 530 pages, 2013.” It was published in aboriginal policy studies, vol. 3 no. 1&2, 231-237 in the winter of 2014.

6. In January 2014, I re-wrote three articles for the The Canadian Encyclopedia on the Métis people, as well as the great Metis leaders, Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel.

5. Writing with my supervisor Jeff Corntassel in 2014, we co-authored “Insurgent Education and Indigenous-Centred Research: Opening New Pathways to Community Resurgence,”  in the edited volume, Learning and Teaching Community Based Research: Linking Pedagogy to Practice, 167-185 from University of Toronto Press, and edited by C. Etmaski, B.L. Hall, and T. Dawson (eds.).

4. Critiquing the appropriation of Riel by Canadian nationalists, I wrote “The Metis-ization of Canada: The Process of Claiming Louis Riel, Metissage, and the Metis People as Canada’s Mythical Origin,” for aboriginal policy studies, 2(2): 64-87 in 2013.

3. In 2012, Rob Hancock and I published in the Canadian Journal of Native Education, 35(1): 7-22.”Decolonizing Metis Pedagogies in Post-Secondary Settings.”

2. I was the guest editor of a “Special Focus on Indigenous Governance,” issue, for the UVic undergraduate research journal, The Arbutus Review, 3(2) in 2012.

1. My first journal article, “Insurgent Research,” was published in the Wicazo Sa Review, 26(1): 113-136, in 2011.


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